Katees Story

At the age of 14 I chose to take the journey less travelled and opted for the home-schooling route, which opened new paths and I developed my passion for photography. By opting to become home-schooled I gained a unique experience that allowed my self-esteem to grow leading me to have more confidence in my abilities, which allowed me to seek new interests.

Photography lets me see the world from a fresh perspective and has opened my eyes to all that’s around me it has made me become mindful of my surroundings and I now look at everything with a photographic interpretation. It has been a joy for me to develop a portfolio that contains a wide range of different portrait and landscape themes.

For me, my vision isn’t clearly defined yet. I do not have a definite style or favourite theme, although for proximity I feel that photography is documenting something or some place, in a unique way where someone else may not have seen it the same way that I have. I have found travelling an influential force in inspiring my photographic style and content. I’ve been shooting my little adventures for the past four years whether it is street photography, landscape or architecture. I’m mostly just an explorer walking around capturing moments so I would call my type of pictures ‘journey photography’.

My hope is to travel the world and become more educated and experienced in other cultures and locations, to see more than what I have come to know and in doing so learn where I am now. I am driven to go far beyond my comfort zone and become much more independent. I wish to become a keen observer of different and exciting new places that shall broaden my horizons and challenge my life and skills in photography, all this hopefully leading to and helping my career in photography, and I hope it shall open more career opportunities.