"Your memories have a heartbeat, your photographs should too."


Hey that's me!

After studying photography for 2 years I went my own way to gain invaluable work experience, but never felt quite at home in the settings. I was preparing to put in my final notice at work and travel Europe hoping to gain some insight on where to focus my energy.  
I decided that I had to pursue photography full time with my own venture in some capacity. My love for creativity and self-expression, paired with the desire to travel made for a ridiculously perfect match. I've learnt that the right picture can take you places. My passion lies in the joy of the journey, and my photography comes from the desire to tell the stories that happen along the way. It’s always been a natural instinct of mine to take photos for an alternative feel. Surroundings correlate with emotions tremendously and being able to create a photo that makes people feel good, makes them smile, makes them happy... Now that is what I live for!

xx Katee