I can feel my dreams when I'm in my City


A day in London has got me feeling blessed to have a career that makes me feel excited to get up ridiculously early and visit fun places and hang with cool folks.

Although I love the thrill of capturing the perfect shot, I snap away and sort through my photos by the dozen, deleting the ones that aren't worthy of 16x9 canvas. I filter, crop, manipulate but in doing so, it occurs to me that I am losing something. Lately I've become smitten with old film editing. This style allows me to reflect on raw moments...a blurred hug, a look. Natural. Simple. Real. the way we remember others. 

These imperfect photos hold magic. these are the snapshots of our lives—uncombed hair, tousled clothing, and all. The simple gifts of memories have me forever grateful. A challenge I am setting myself is to forget that I have the option to delete and try again. I have a feeling I’ll be saving the imperfects.  I'm thankful to share in these moments each time I get behind the camera. 

Sarah and Laura joined me on the adventure to London. Sarah is my twin, and being a twin is like having a built in best friend who you occasionally wanna punch. (or its like having a pimple that wont go away but the pimple is funny and makes you laugh all the while so its okay). Laura and I met in infant school, time has passed and it's been a solid 14 years of friendship. Somewhere along the road there was a definite shift-Laura wasn't just a friend anymore, she was family. I've come to learn, as we all have, that there is a small number of people you can truly depend on throughout life. The kind that will just be there no questions asked, no hidden agenda-no nothing. Laura you have shown me this, and it is my hope that you know I love you like Lilo loves Stitch. 

Toast to laughter and happily ever after.


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